Thinking Green? Why Recycle Your Educational Rug?

Greener thinking saves the planet and companies all across America are making good on their promise to recycle more and help the big push towards a greener planet. That means educational carpet companies must do their bit as well, and Carpets for Kids is committed to doing our best to stop our old carpets going… Read more »

Class Conductor Music Game

Music is a wonderful thing for the sheer enjoyment of it, but it also has a tangible impact on how children learn and how they express themselves. It helps kids develop reasoning skills and learn that all important lesson that practice makes perfect. There are also added bonuses such as improving their memory skills and… Read more »

Why Soft Color Carpets Are Great For Growing Kids

Some teachers opt for solid color carpets instead of patterned or activity rugs. There are a few good reasons to have a carpet in your classroom even if you don’t want an activity rug. An Area for Non-Desk Activities When a student’s activity isn’t well-suited for a desk, a soft solid carpet is a great… Read more »

Beanbag Alert – A Phonics Activity for Your Classroom Alphabet Rug

Using your alphabet rug for classroom activities ensures that you’re making the most out of it. A rug that is multi-functional and well-used is always a bonus to teachers and school administrators alike, so identifying activities appropriate to the age-range and skills of your students. Educational rugs and activities that help children with phonics are… Read more »

Softly, Softly – Why Choose KIDSoft Educational Rugs?

At Carpets for Kids, we don’t rest on our laurels. That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create our KIDSoft Collection that combines the plushest yarns with the rest of the benefits you’ve come to expect from Carpets for Kids. So, when you’re searching for a new educational carpet, why should you… Read more »

Why Purchase Your Educational Rug from Carpets for Kids?

Any purchasing decision, particularly when you’re buying on behalf of a school or organization, must balance quality with value for money. Educational carpets are no exception to this rule. If you shop for value alone, you might find that the quality isn’t sufficient. This obviously leads to faster decay over time and that “value” purchase… Read more »

Why Choose the CFK Premium Collection?

Over the years, Carpets for Kids have become synonymous with quality in the educational carpet market. Part of the reason for this is that our CFK Premium Collection is so well-regarded by teachers and organizations across the US. We’ve worked hard to diversify our range of premium carpets to ensure that there is a premium… Read more »

How to Clean a Classroom Area Rug

Keep It Pristine — Cleaning Tips For Your Educational Carpet So, you’ve taken the plunge. You’ve purchased or ordered an educational area rug and you’re certain it’s going to be a brilliant addition to your classroom. The only issue you face is that, well, it’s a carpet for kids and that entails a certain degree… Read more »

Carpet Guessing Game Encourages Participation

Some kids are easier to engage in activities than others. Every preschool teacher knows that some of their class will jump to attention for an interactive activity and enthusiastically throw themselves into it. Most of the group will occupy the middle ground – participating but not either hugely enthusiastic or apathetic. Then you get the… Read more »

ABC Jumping Games Help Kids Learn the Alphabet

Every preschool teacher is constantly on the lookout for fresh ways to engage the children in their class. Good activities for kids of this age group combine the fun with the educational. The best ones add a little physical activity into the equation. Children learn through all their senses. That’s why they sniff the things… Read more »