Carpets for Kids® (CFK) is the industry leader in high quality, educational area rugs. CFK is a major supplier of children’s classroom carpets for schools, circle time rugs for preschools, educational play carpets for daycares, and unique children’s rugs for homes across the country. Our bright colors, innovative designs and passion for education make CFK the first choice for quality children’s rugs.

Eco-friendly, Recyclable Carpets for Kids

All of our classroom carpets can be sent back to us for recycling. Many are turned back in to colorful classroom carpeting. It is a commitment of ours to help keep our planet green.

Our eco friendly patterned rugs are good for the environment and safe for your kids. 100% North American Made, and LEAD FREE, all Carpets for Kids® play rugs.

Quick Facts About Our Children’s Carpets:

  • What is N6 or N6-6 yarn? It is the form of Nylon used in our rugs.
  • What is Recyclable rugs? N6 Product that can be recycled and made back into itself. All of our solid carpets and the majority of our printed carpets start out as N6 nylon fiber and can be recycled back in to N6 nylon fiber, similar to that of aluminum cans.
  • Our products that are N6-6 can still be recycled but instead of being remade into carpets, are used in making other plastic materials like car parts.
  • Is there Latex in your Carpets? Yes, we use a Synthetic (SBR) Latex. Because our latex is synthetic, there are no allergic reactions to it. In addition our latex compound is sandwiched in between our backing layers so it is not something that children will come into contact with.