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How to Clean PREMIUM, KID$ Value PLUS™ and Solid Collection carpets

For whole rug and spot cleaning, over the counter “dry cleaners” will do the job. They are good because they can be vacuumed out of the rug and not leave any residue.

The main thing to avoid is any cleaner with bleach or strong chemicals that would cause the dye to run. It is always good to test an area for colorfastness before using something across a large area of the rug.

  • DO use approved powdered dry cleaning products.
  • DO spot test with cleaner, for color-fastness before using over larger areas.
  • When cleaning, always blot, NEVER scrub or rub abrasively. This may create a fuzzy area.
  • When vacuuming, DO NOT vacuum over serge. This can cause serge yarn to become frayed and torn. See our serge warranty page for repair suggestions. LINK
  • DO NOT use Bonnet System cleaning method.
  • DO NOT saturate carpet with wet solution.
  • Please contact Carpets for Kids® with any questions or concerns you may have regarding cleaning or caring for your area rug.

How to Clean KID$ Value Rugs™:

Machine Washable: Cold water with mild detergent. Gentle cycle. Line dry. Do Not Bleach.

  • Our KID$Value Rugs collection is best suited for hard surfaced floors.
  • DO NOT put furniture on top of the rugs. They perform the best (lay flat) by having their own space.
  • DO NOT vacuum over serged edges.

How do I get my KIDply® Backing rug to lay flat?

  • With our patented KIDply® backing our rugs may not relax flat right away after being rolled tight in shipping.
  • Unroll your rug and lay out overnight. It should relax flat on it’s own.
  • For quicker results, try to reverse roll the the ends of your rug (backwards from how it was originally rolled) and then lay it back out flat.

My furniture left dents in the carpet.

  • Try not to set furniture on the carpet.
  • Move furniture often.
  • Use casters to prevent indents.
  • If you have a dent that isn’t coming out, lightly spritz the area with water and then blow with a hair dryer pinching the fibers of the carpet to raise them back up.