LIFETIME protection!

  • This proprietary technology locks the color in to provide a protective barrier against staining and soiling!
  • Tested and proven in independent lab studies!
  • Even after multiple hot water cleanings, our carpet retains 70% – 100% of its cleaning protection! This is NOT a topical spray or foam treatment like other brands that wear off after a few cleanings, or have no stain protection at all.

Ask for QUALITY! Ask for 20X-25X! ONLY from CFK!

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What is Advance Stain Protection?

In our process, the entire fiber bundle is completely immersed in true stain blocker technology . This would be in contrast to carpets with a topical treatment that is basically in the top layer of the fibers.

In addition, we send random samples of our product to Professional Testing Laboratory to ensure we are passing what is known as the red dye 40 test – think of Kool-Aid or Gatorade in certain flavors. Our latest testing shows that our product scored a 10 on this test, or the best possible.  You must score a minimum of 8 to pass.