Over the years, Carpets for Kids have become synonymous with quality in the educational carpet market. Part of the reason for this is that our CFK Premium Collection is so well-regarded by teachers and organizations across the US. We’ve worked hard to diversify our range of premium carpets to ensure that there is a premium option for every classroom or, indeed, any other learning environment. So, what will you find when you look at the CFK Premium Collection?


All our carpets are high quality, so we had to work extra hard to guarantee that our Premium Collection ticks all those boxes and more. We started by ensuring that the CFK Premium Collection has a Lifetime Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty. That’s a huge increase on the 1-year limit offered on our value range. We also ensure that there is advanced stain and anti-static protection, and No-Fault Edge Warranty comes as standard.

Have you heard about our KIDply Backing System? It’s another result of our commitment to quality, ensuring that our educational carpets have increased durability and unrivalled softness and flexibility. That keeps the kids comfortable, while the increased sound and thermal insulation performance make sure that the carpet complements the rest of the learning environment. KIDply helps our educational carpets look better for longer – saving educational budgets from extra outlay.


Our CFK Premium Collection brings a wide variety of educational carpet options right to your classroom. For instance, plenty of our rugs are offered in either primary or nature colors. This allows teachers to choose the right carpet for their environment and the needs of their pupils. Equally, carpets are available in different sizes and this offers a corresponding increase in seat size – just perfect for slightly older kids or those who may need more space around them.

The Premium Collection also includes our KIDSoft range. These carpets are designed for younger kids, providing a cozy area suited to learning and fun for little ones. As with every carpet we develop, our focus is always on the end users and how we can improve their experience little by little.


We know that educational carpets are an outlay that schools and other organizations can ill-afford sometimes. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep our prices synonymous with value, including those products in our Premium Collection.

Value for our customers also means value for our planet. We have developed techniques, such as the stain and anti-static protections mentioned above, that look after your carpets for longer. That offers value to you, yes, but it also means that there is less waste going to landfill and less pollution in manufacturing and delivery. Just to make this even better, we’re happy to recycle any Premium Collection educational carpet when it’s come to the end of its effective lifespan.

So, if you’re looking for an educational carpet in a style that suits your classroom, and which has a long life ahead of it, look no further than the CFK Premium Collection. We know you won’t be disappointed with the quality, diversity, and value of our signature collection.


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