Faith Based Collection

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God is Love Learning Rug

This inspirational rug will be a perfect addition to any room. Children will learn the alphabet while being reminded of the love that God has for them. Uppercase letters surround the border while the verse, John 3:16, is featured in the center.

KID$Value PLUS™ – Great value at a great price! 1ID$Value Plus™ provides premium designs at a value price.
5-Year Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty. Made in the USA.


Meets NFPA 253, Class I fire code requirements.

Up to 25X Stain Protection – True Stain Blocker Technology makes clean up a cinch using only hot water extraction with no harsh chemicals necessary. All of the fibers are completely saturated with the stain treatment. Tested to ensure carpets provide safe area for children to learn and play while supporting your efforts to provide a clean and healthy environment.
No Fault Edge Warranty – We will replace the edging on your rugs no matter how long they have been in the classroom.  Just pay shipping one way.
KIDply® Backing System features a revolutionary patented technology that assures your rug looks better longer with dimensional stability. The backing helps prevent wrinkling and increasing and in unmatched in softness and flexibility providing you with quality performance in your area carpet.
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#83006 6' x 9' Oval $199.95 -
#83007 8' x 12' Oval $339.95 -
#83013 4' x 6' Rect $119.95 -
#83015 6' x 9' Rect $199.95 -
#83017 8' x 12' Rect $339.95 -