Green Label Plus: All Carpets for Kids® carpets meet the CRI’s Green Label Plus certification, the most stringent testing standard in the industry.

  • Green Label and Green Label Plus ensure that customers are purchasing among the lowest emitting carpet, adhesive and cushion products on the market.
  • CRI designed the Green Label and Green Label Plus programs for architects, builders, specifiers and facility mangers who want assurances that carpet and adhesive products meet the most stringent criteria for low chemical emissions.
  • Green Label Plus represents the fourth time the carpet industry has voluntarily enhanced the IAQ standard for its products.
  • for more info. visit: The Carpet and Rug Institute

Carpets for Kids®, as a major supplier of children’s Educational Area Rugs to daycares and schools across the country, is concerned about health related issues and specifically those concerning indoor air quality (IAQ).

The following is a statement from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) concerning indoor air quality with specific reference to allergens:

“Carpet: An IAQ Benefit* – There are several ways in which carpet can actually help improve air quality in schools. With hard-surface flooring, dust, allergens, and other particulates will settle to the floor and collect there. Since school children move through hallways in large groups, they are likely to stir up these particulates and cause them to become suspended in the air at regular intervals during the day. Carpet has many millions of fibers, however, which can keep these particles from being constantly airborne by trapping and holding them until they can be extracted by vacuuming and cleaning. In addition, carpet itself requires few chemicals to be used in its cleaning and upkeep. As a result, fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted into classrooms and hallways during carpet cleaning.”

March 1995, Early Childhood News: Beautiful, Quiet, and Convenient, Carpet is…The Educated Choice for Schools.